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From humble beginnings back in 1861, the Birla Empire started by Raja Baldeo Das Birla, has evolved into a monolithic, multi-million dollar, global conglomerate.

Under the astute management of his four sons, J.K. Birla, R.D. Birla, G.D. Birla and B.M. Birla, with their deep insight driven by prudent professionalism, the group business increased and multiplied. The growing business interests of the Birla brothers led to the amicable and

congenial division of the companies and assets.

Today the Yash Birla Group is a well diversified entity with a turnover of over INR 30 Billion.

The Birla name is also synonymous with socio-economic philanthropic activities. Having contributed to India’s freedom struggle by imbibing and propagating Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas, the Birlas are continuing with their Corporate Social Responsibility by mobilizing funding and supporting many charitable institutions. The Yash Birla Group is active in this regard as outlined in the CSR.


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